Our beautiful Inn was originally one of the most exclusive places to winter in Florida, and has magically retained that status today. Located in the peaceful lakeside Town of Highland Park, http://www.valuationsvic.com.au's Inn reflects the simple elegance and genteel spirit of a bygone era. Will the Seller's Agent reduce their commission?

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Sometimes, buyers think that the Seller's Agent will reduce their commission if they don't have to pay a property valuation company. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. The seller and the Seller's Agent have a signed contract for the agreed upon commission, regardless of whether the Buyer's Agent is used. Often, the seller has already considered the commission when listing, and the Listing Agent expects to receive the entire amount. It's somewhat of a bonus to receive both sides of the commission. However, it's also twice the work. Occasionally, a listing agent will reduce their commission a small amount (a couple of thousand at best). In those cases, often it makes no difference if there's a Buyer's Agent involved. I've seen commission reduced with and without a Buyer's Agent.

John Martin, Head of Design for the Property Valuations Brisbane said "This is a sensitive site next to a listed building and in a prominent part of Valuations Brisbane, QLD. We worked hard with local planners to ensure that the design was in keeping with other buildings. It should be an extremely pleasant place to live. Most of the flats are set back in a courtyard away from the road, with the added advantage of being extremely close to the town center."

Speaking about the new service, The Valuations QLD Property Valuations Company's Chief Executive, Mike Roberts said "The alarm service has been available to Vale Housing Association tenants for some time. It has proved to be very successful, as witnessed by some of our tenants who will be available to tell their own stories. By popular request, we are now able to offer it to anyone who needs it". Older people do not use the internet as many many other groups in the UK, even though they stand to benefit enormously from it. Government figures show that only 15 percent of people over 65 have used the internet (compared with 62 percent of the whole UK population). However, most of those who have feel it has enhanced their lives.

Constructed to serve winter club residents in the 1920's 'Gatsby' era, newer construction has been carefully designed to maintain the award-winning architectural elegance. The Inn, Restaurant, and Golf Course comprise the only commercial presence in this quiet residential
cul-de-sac community.

We hope that your first stay will fill you with the same feeling of warmth that we experienced when we first visited. Old Florida Charm and Style greet you when you enter, and relax you during your visit. Please call Property Valuations Perth today to reserve your special days at Lekarica.

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